Brooke Mueller in rehab

Brooke Mueller is back in rehab.

“It is a facility for very wealthy people trying to fight addictions,” her mother, Palm Beach socialite Moira Fiore, told People.

Earlier this year, Charlie Sheen‘s estranged wife checked into a sober living facility in Malibu. Last month, the Two and a Half Men star filed for divorce from Mueller. She’s currently working on a new reality show with Paris Hilton.


Chelsea Handler is totally Team Aniston these days. The comedienne spent Thanksgiving in Mexico with Jennifer Aniston and they must have bonded by trashing Angelina Jolie.

During her recent stand-up show in New Jersey, the Chelsea Lately star called her both the b- and c-word. “She’s a home-wrecker, she is,” Handler said of Jolie, who struck up a love affair with Jen’s then-hubby Brad Pitt while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith. “She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to.”


Steve Martin is speaking about his fans, or lack thereof.

During a Q&A on CBS Sunday Morning, the actor-comedian was “bewildered” why his appearance at a NYC Y was considered so bad that attendees were refunded their $50 (he didn’t dish about celebs). “I must have been really bad,” he said. “But if I was, so?”


Danny Bonaduce is a married man. The former Partridge Family star, 51, wed his manager, Amy Railsback, 28, in Hawaii.

The two reportedly met at a Starbucks in 2007, when Railsback complimented the tumultuous radio personality on his then-reality show Breaking Bonaduce.

BB was the nail in the coffin in his 17-year marriage to Gretchen Hillmer. The two met on a blind date in 1990 and married that day.


Alex Welch
doesn’t have much sympathy for Demi Lovato, who entered rehab last month after punching the 21-year-old dancer.

Welch told People she still hasn’t gotten an apology.

A source close to Lovato, 18, explains that Demi hasn’t reached out because she is “sequestered in treatment” for self-image issues.

Demi allegedly started the fight with Alex because she thought she tattled on her for being drunk one night while on tour with the Jonas Brothers.


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