Britto’s Chris Bosh Portrait

Chris Bosh, left. Britto art, right.

We think it’s important to make our new star Heat players feel welcome. We even have a big sign welcoming LeBron James to Miami. OK, Burger King is just using our building to do it — but that’s not the point. Make them feel happy! Happy ball players win Championships.

Kudos to Niche Media’s Jason Binn and Ocean Drive for hosting a party to welcome Bosh tomorrow night at the Forge. Guests will enjoy hors d’oeuvres by Chef Dewey LoSasso and cocktails in the newly remodeled hot spot. The event marks a new partnership between the player and Ocean Drive Magazine, for which Bosh will pen a monthly column, “The Bosh 10”, debuting in the October issue.

For all these things, we are happy.

But maybe getting Miami’s prolific pop artist Romero Britto to create a likeness of the Heat’s Chris Bosh is not such a good idea. Will it follow the Britto formula and feature Bosh with three fingers and green polka dots on his face? Will it be bulbous and brightly colored like toys in a kindergarden class? More importantly, will it offend Bosh so much that he catches the first plane back to Toronto?

Let’s just hope Bosh knows more about writing than he does about art.



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