Bridezillas is back and Fort Lauderdale native is one of the stars

Don’t mind Jeanine Fleuridor. She doesn’t mean to cause a fuss. She just wants things to go perfectly, especially in regards to her wedding day.

The Fort Lauderdale native’s, um, picky nature made her a good fit for WE tv’s Bridezillas and her story about walking down the aisle will be featured in the first of a three-part series 10 p.m. Sunday. Since her now-husband is from Minnesota, the 25-year-old lovebirds decided to do the nuptials there. The twist: Because they chose their venue at the last minute, the bride and co. had only five days to prepare. The Florida girl was not impressed with the more laidback business practices of the Midwest. “It was such an ordeal, I had so many conflicts,’’ says Fleuridor, who met her guy while buying cigarettes at a gas station where he still works. “Vendors would tell me the turnaround time is too soon. If I want it today they should be able to deliver because I’m paying for it.’’

Fleuridor doesn’t consider herself a “Bridezilla,” just a perfectionist. “I’m a very straightforward person. I set expectations, and I expect people to meet them. Problems only arise when they say they can’t do it. My big thing is someone saying no to me without even trying. That’s ridiculous!”

The wedding, held in March, eventually went off, despite some hitches. Let’s just put it this way: Judging by watching a clip, it doesn’t seem like Jeanine and her sister-in-law are going to be besties for life. “At the end of the day, I got what I needed,” says Fleuridor, who now lives in Boca Raton with her new husband. The couple’s Cancun honeymoon was another matter. “I didn’t like the room; it was overlooking the street,’’ says Fleuridor. “I had to get an upgrade. I have issues almost everywhere I go. Life shouldn’t be mediocre.’’


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