Brett Ratner back home in Miami Beach

Sure, Brett Ratner is a big-time Hollywood director now. But the Los Angeles big shot doesn’t forget where he came from. He can’t. He thinks about his home of Miami Beach all the time. “It’s emotional whenever I come here,” Ratner says from his favorite local joint, the Athens Juice Bar in North Miami Beach.

“I fly in and drive over the Julia Tuttle Causeway and get that feeling, like I’ve arrived. I’m going to this place with so many experiences of my life. My history. I’m such a Miami guy.” The Miami Beach Senior High graduate was in town to launch The Hilhaven Lodge whiskey, named after his sprawling Beverly Hills mansion once owned by a famed real estate mogul and numerous movie stars.

Memories? Boy, does he have a few.

“Growing up here is fascinating and unique. It’s such an eclectic and diverse group of people, whether they’re imported or not. I mean, I lived next door to Meyer Lansky [at the Imperial House]. He used to walk his dog, and I rode my bike next to him. We would talk for hours.”

Despite a case of homesickness, the man behind such blockbusters as Rush Hour (1, 2 and 3) and X Men: The Last Stand, does have some family around. More than a decade ago, the famous bachelor moved his grandparents out to the West Coast.

“I was living there in this giant house and said, ‘This is crazy. I’m not married. I need to share this with somebody,’” the 47-year-old remembers.

Though Ratner’s grandfather, renowned radiologist Mario Presman, died in 2014, his glam-ma — aka Princess Fanita — is still living it up at Hilhaven.

“She has her Instagram account!”

Hilhaven is available at Faena, The Forge and 1 Hotel. 


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