'Breaking Bad' Finale Watch Party at Will Call this Sunday

Has your moral compass been so compromised by your addiction to the adventures of meth cook genius Walter White and his protege, the young Jesse Pinkman, of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” that your family is forbidden from breathing Sunday nights from 9-10 p.m.? Well, you are not alone.

“Breaking Bad” is a national phenomenon that will come to an explosive (um, that’s speculation) conclusion this weekend and you can spend your Sunday watching the series finale with likeminded superfans at a watch party at Will Call hosted by Jenny Lee of JLPR, a local PR maven/”Breaking Bad” enthusiast.

Expect Pollos Hermanos chicken, Heisenberg martinis rimmed with crystal blue Pop Rocks and outside get your car hosed down with an A1A car wash (proceeds to benefit Miami Heat Wheels), plus prizes for the best Breaking Bad costume. The fun starts at 7 p.m., giving you two full hours prior to the airing of the finale to speculate the fates of our anti-heroes Walt, Jesse and even our favorite sleazy lawyer Saul, who has a spin-off in his near future. (Don’t think Saul is safe though, the spin-off is going to be a prequel.)

The party will be the last hurrah for fans who spent the last five years trolling the Internet for spoilers and countless hours binge watching on Netflix. It might not be a bad idea to share the occasion with your fellow addicts.