Boyz II Men: romantics

Boyz II Men, famous for their ’90s prom ballads ( I’ll Make Love to You, The End of the Road) are still romantics at heart.

The threesome – Nathan Morris, 39; Wanya Morris, 37 (no relation); and Shawn Stockman, 38 – are the headliners on a Valentine’s Day Love Cruise sailing on Carnival’s Imagination leaving Friday from Miami.

We caught up with Wanya Morris before the group embarked.

How does it feel to still be out on tour?

It’s an incredible feat to be the industry after all this time and still be able to captivate audiences and be considered relevant. We just did the Flamingo in Vegas and gained a whole new slew of fans. That was awesome.

What’s next?

We’re hopefully putting out a new album. We’re done for a minute with the remixes – we did like three remake albums in a row [laughs]. We want to go out with a bang, or I should say, come back with a bang.

How do you all get along?

It’s a brotherhood, a well-oiled machine. We argue, of course, but over things of value. It’s not corny stuff like, ‘You ate my candy!’ It’s how to get from point A to point B and reach a common goal.

What is the secret of your endurance?

All we did was take a blueprint of groups before us on the Motown label. Back then they believed in building artists up and making sure they became household names. These days they throw stuff up against the wall and whatever sticks they put money behind.

In a recent Vanity Fair story, Justin Bieber said you were an influence on him.

We didn’t do anything different. All we did was be respectable and made sure we performed to the best of our abilities. We kept the music intact and worked hard. It made us recognizable and pushed us to a [higher] level. Many major artists will come up to us and say, ‘We saw how you did this, we saw how much you rehearsed. We heard about how much you studied your craft.’

How are you different from today’s performers?

There’s not a lot of negativity about us. The only reason people are popular these days is they did something to keep them in the public eye. Entertainment doesn’t always have to be about what Lindsay Lohan is doing or how many times Charlie Sheen went to jail.



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