Boca Raton sixth-grader has dog shampoo in Oscars bag

Simon Goldman fills orders for his pet shampoo. The Boca Raton resident researched the initial ingredients and came up with an eco-friendly label, too.

By the way, he is 11 years old.

So, it was not a surprise when he convinced his mother, Diane, to get her friend to lobby for the inclusion of Simon’s Happy Pet Shampoo in the “Everybody Wins at the Oscars” gift bag, an annual goodie bag of grandeur for the Oscar losers (not affiliated with the Oscars) set up by Los Angeles-based Distinctive Assets.

Goldman’s early passion for pet cleanliness started when he took home an abused stray with “a lot of patches” about three years ago. The connection between Goldman and Calypso, a male multi poodle mix, was instant.

“I just fell in love,” he said.

Calypso had dermatitis and was allergic to fleas. His mother said people would make comments about Simon’s dog and his bald spots.

“That was my motivation,” Simon said. “For most people, he’s probably pretty weird.”

Diane, who home-schools Simon, incorporated education into her son’s research project, which has become a business of sorts for the sixth-grader.

She said he uses a lot of math, science and even marketing.

“He went to some natural health stores, asked what could be used, Simon did his own homework,” Diane said.

And, after sampling the shampoo, which includes organic ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil, on a friend’s pitbull, the product was ready to hit the local market. 

A 16-ounce bottle costs $15 and is available at Boca Raton’s The Paw Depot.

Simon uses it on Calypso, who has since regrown his hair, about three times a month. He said the shampoo is for bug bites and helps prevent shedding.

And, with the Oscars Sunday, he has bigger plans.

Simon left notecards with his contact information on the shampoo. He expects at least an email from a celebrity or two.

His mother said not to rule him out. Diane refused to have a dog until she finally gave in to Simon’s persistence.

“He’s very, very convincing, like he did to have a dog,” she said. “He never gave up for years, until that day in the shelter.”