Beyonce, Kelly Rowland pose with locals

Happy 2nd birthday, Blue Ivy!The Carter family (aka Jay Z, Beyonce and baby) are still living it up in Miami.

On Tuesday night, actually Wednesday morning, Bey and Z and an entourage hooked up with old Destiny’s Child band members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a fun night. They all ended up at Sing Sing Karaoke in Miami Beach.

According to gossip site, before heading to a private room, Kelly and Beyonce made a quick visit to another room containing three young women, one sleeping. Earlier, the girls had been singing a Beyonce song and got the shock of their lives. What are the odds? If you live in Miami, pretty good.

Two of the unidentified fans managed to get a pic with the two famous singers and B photobombed the one who had passed out.

The Miami New Times was provided with security footage of what went down.