Beyonce, Destiny's Child reunion takes place at Zuma in Miami

It was a Destiny’s Child reunion Tuesday night (Jan. 7) at Zuma, where Kelly Rowland, Michelle Wiliams and Beyonce were among a large group celebrating Rowland’s new fiance, Tim Witherspoon. Also in the entourage, Jay Z and Timbaland. The group entered through a private entrance and were escorted to the back of the restaurant located at 270 Biscayne Blvd. Way. Despite that, they weren’t too elitist, posing with some children who spotted them. As the group increased in size, they were moved to a private room where they requested their own music. “Even Jay Z was dancing,” says our spy. The party ended with three huge dessert platters, lit with candles.

Candles weren’t the only things lit, apparently, because following the dinner came that big, alleged karaoke crashing at Miami Beach’s Sing Sing, where owner Kellie Pilicer told US Weekly: “Beyonce and Michelle started singing and dancing with [two random girls.] They were also videotaping the whole thing. These girls had no idea it was them for the first couple of minutes. It was cute.” Not everyone was so cute, however. Before leaving the room, Beyonce and Rowland posed for pictures with a passed out party person.