Behold the Uber of Facial Micro-Needling, Miami


Time-strapped and in desperate need to revitalize your mug? Fret not as Micro Me Miami is here to help eradicate fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars and sagging skin. The brainchild of Aesthetician Rachel Loren, Micro Me Miami brings micro-needling to your home. Yep, no need to visit your dermatologist’s office.

“I noticed that a lot of my patients were feeling awkward after walking out of the office post micro-needling with a red face, and found it hard to schedule appointments to come to the office in between daily activities. The idea of in-home skin concierge has been available to celebrities for a long time, and to me all of clients deserve elite treatment. This concept was made with convenience and personalization as top priorities,” Loren says of starting up the mobile biz.

Now let’s take a closer look at the latest innovation in skin rejuvenation: Micro-needling. Armed with an MDPen — an electronic device with fine needles — Loren rolls the device all over the skin, which creates tiny pinpricks. Micro needling treats issues of the skin and improves overall texture by triggering a natural healing response in the body. By creating controlled wounds with the device, your body stimulates collagen and elastin production. This cell turnover results in immediate improvements which continue over time and advance with more treatments,” Loren says.

And before you freak out, it’s not painful. Each session takes approximately 20 minutes and costs $200 (Loren offers a discount for first-timers). So what kind of results can you expect from a session? “This depends on the patient’s goals and what we are treating. Following just one session you can expect an immediate glow and tightening affect. If we are targeting deep acne scars, a series of 5 to 8 treatments will produce noticeable smoothing and re-surfacing, while making visible improvements with each session,” Loren says. Skin is lifted and tightened while wrinkles, photo-aging and pore size are diminished. 

You glow, girls and boys!

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