Becoming a football wife

Life with Chad Ochocinco is a fun adventure, says his fiancee Evelyn Lozada. But don’t look for her working out with the football star any time soon. “He gets up at like 5 in the morning to go run on the beach, and is all chipper, wanting to have a conversation and I’m like, Hell no!,’’ says Lozada, who is not a morning person. “Sometimes he’ll work out three times a day. I don’t get it.’’ Lozada has had her own kind of workout — the ment al kind — starring in VH1’s Basketball Wives. The Season 3 reunion show is a two parter starting 8 p.m. Monday and continuing Aug. 22. “This season [3] has had so much drama, more than I’m used to,’’ says Lozada, who was born and raised in New York. “Honestly, filming can be a little grueling sometimes. Especially when there are certain situations brewing.’’ Reality TV is what it is. “It’s not easy, but it has its moments…everyone has something to bring to the table,’’ says the owner of Dulce Shoes in Coral Gables. “Of course, [producers] are going to air when there are fights and friction, not if we were baking cakes together.’’ Now that the show has wrapped (for the time being) Lozada can start planning for the couple’s wedding. “We’re so different in our tastes. He’s got some crazy ideas like a junkanoo band!’’ she says. “I’m like, OK, but it’s something he feels strongly about, so we have to mesh both of what we want.’’ Lozada won’t budge on her idea of a gown; her ideal designer would be Alisa Benay, who does corset style dresses. : “I don’t want to be your typical bride walking down,’’ she says. “I want to be a little sex kitten and give Chad something to remember when everything’s sagging.’’


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