Becky G performs at the Versace Mansion

Photo by: Exclusive Access

Becky G fans went from dancing in the mirror, to dancing at the Versace Mansion on Friday night. 

The singer flew some of her biggest fans into Miami from other parts of the country for a private performance, after they won a contest, where they had to do covers of her songs and record themselves.

“The winners are actually some really die-hard fans from L.A. that I see at my shows all the time, so I know they are ride or die and did everything to get here, and I’m so happy they are here with me in Miami,” said the Mexican-American singer.

Becky showed off her talent for freestyling and singing with an acoustic performance, inside a tent by the pool. A small audience of people sang along to songs like Break a Sweat and Lovin’ so Hard. 

“To me it means everything,” said the Mexican-American singer about spending quality time with fans. “I just get to do what I love and travel the world and on top of that to share that with people who are special to me.”

The artist also spoke about her highlights of 2015 and kicking off her acting career by making a debut on the show Empire. She was also recetly cast as the yellow ranger in the new Power Rangers movie that starts fiming in 2016.

“It’s insane because that’s literally what we grew up with, and I remember me fighting with all my primos [cousins], “I’m this ranger, no I’m this ranger,’ and there’s a lot of us and not a lot of rangers, and I remember when I got the role, calling each and every one of my cousins and my uncles and my aunts and being like, ‘yo, it’s happening,” she said. 

In the future she also looks forward to possible collaborations with other artists she admires.

“I love Charlie Puth,” she said. “We actually met a couple weeks ago at a show, and I was like, ‘yo you’re so good,’ and he started off as a songwriter, so hopefully we get in the studio. I [also] love Tori Kelly. I think it would be really cool to collaborate withand anybody that comes my way.”