Beauty mavens: Drybar launches tools and products

We’ve seen some cute ideas in the beauty industry before but this one is coming close to taking the cake.

Drybar blow drying salon (with locations throughout the U.S.. but sadly not South Florida) has launched a bunch of products so you can beautify in the comfort of your own home.

The collection has fun names that riff off the idea of an actual bar that serves alcohol. Think: The Hot Toddy heat protector and frizz fighter, Cream Soda smoothing cream, The Chaser shine pomade, and Happy Hour Shampoo. If you are a handy sort, Dry Bar also is selling perfect for primping tools, a blow dryer, curling and straightening iron, as well as handy dandy brushes that detangle like the best of em.

“We wanted the line to be whimsical, but we wanted it also to be authentic and real,” co-founder Michael Landau told Women’s Wear Daily. “It’s a balance of fun but serious.”

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