Beacher's Madhouse bails from Miami Beach in favor of $100M deal with Sin City's MGM Grand

Showman Jeff Beacher’s eponymous Madhouse, a clubby freak show of pop culture potpourri, where PT Barnum meets Showgirls meets US Weekly, where A-list stars let loose amidst those of questionable rank in the alphabet, one which the LA Times’ Chris Erskine says, “is what Catholic schoolgirls must dream of when they bump their little noggins” was almost coming to Miami Beach permanently until fate–and a huge deal intervened. 

Beacher, you see, was bringing his bawdy show to the Eden Roc until Marriott pulled out and filed a lawsuit seeking millions of dollars from the landmark Art Deco hotel’s owner, Key International, for breach of contract. But that particular contract really didn’t matter to this clubby carnival barker. Beacher, whose show in the basement of Hollywood, California’s Roosevelt Hotel packs in people paying at the very least $100 a person twice a week, has signed a much bigger deal with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to the tune of $100 million, launching officially on New Year’s Eve.

“As much as I love Miami–and LIV is mine and [his shows’ stars] the midgets’ favorite place to party, I plan to make Vegas my home for the next 20 years,” explains Beacher, who is, in full disclosure, this writer’s friend from her storied sleepaway camp days in upstate New York [redacted] years ago. “Everyone goes to Vegas to vacation and rage–we go to Miami.”

But those looking for a taste of Beacher’s madness don’t have to schlep to Vegas just yet. A pop-up version of the Madhouse, where miniature, little people versions of larger than life characters are the stars of the show, is expected–where else–at his Miami home away from home, LIV, sometime around Halloween. Mini-Miley meet real Miley, a Madhouse and Fontainebleau regular? Perhaps. Stay tuned.