Scandal! Baywatch movie star’s photos leaked before South Beach premiere

Kelly Rohrbach has a lot of good things happening for her these days.

The model-actress is costarring in what looks to be summer’s biggest blockbuster, “Baywatch,” and is set to walk the red carpet Saturday night for the South Beach premiere.

But fame has its price.

The Connecticut native — who stars as Casey Jean “C. J.” Parker, originally played by Pamela Anderson in the original TV show — has had various embarrassing photos leaked from her account. 

Sources told The Sun, the scandal is bad timing as she is set to embark on a world tour with the movie’s cast.

Hackers were able to access Rohrbach’s cloud storage account. 

The 27 year old Sports Illustrated poseur has dated a bevy of stars including Aaron Rodgers and Leo DiCaprio so it’s unclear what type of pics will be uncovered.

Her Instagram photos are provocative enough so we’re not sure how much more we can see.