'Bad Girls Club Miami': Really, really bad

Between the horrific, now-dead Miami Social, ridiculously flippant Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami and train wreck on Red Bull Jersey Shore, our city is getting a bad rap.

Outsiders who watch these reality shows must think all we do in this town is snipe, drive around in souped-up cars, down shots in passé nightclubs and sleep in till noon.

The premiere of Jersey Shore Thursday featured its share of cattiness and infighting between the women, but nothing like you’ll witness in Bad Girls Club Miami, premiering at 9 p.m. Tuesday on Oxygen.

The seven women who are forced to cohabit in a waterfront mansion are not only scary but dangerous. They make Snooki on a bender look like a Girl Scout hopped up on Daisy Go Rounds.

Morgan is the wicked one, the self- proclaimed hottest chick in Miami who refuses to go out with her new roomies to Play nightclub because they are too ‘‘ugly.” The next night, the four haters gang up on Morgan and her two allies, Kendra (a pam- pered alcoholic from Boston) and Catya (a phony from Philly), after they return from a night at B.E.D. (this hot-in-the- ’90s venue stepped in for the Shore crowd, too).

When we say “gang up,” it’s literal — the furious foursome grease up their bodies so that fists slide off and rip Morgan down a staircase, almost breaking her neck.

This is seriously soul- shuddering stuff, but there is one redeemable thing about BGC — it makes a great drinking game. Every time someone yells “B–ch,” imbibe. Just don’t drive.


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