Did you catch the ‘Moonlight’ cast member in that epic Met Gala bathroom selfie?

Ashton Sanders has had quite the year. From starring in the Oscar-winning “Moonlight” to landing a gig in Calvin Klein’s latest underwear campaign to baring his soul in a recent profile in the Guardian, the 21-year-old star is not slowing down.

Things were no different Monday at his debut on the Met Gala red carpet. Sanders wore a daring leather Calvin Klein ensemble paired with a yellow turtleneck and pointed-toe boots.

While it was obvious Sanders was full of talent from his performance of a high school Chiron in the second act of “Moonlight,” who knew he also had the cool factor? That may not be so surprising, but his charisma among celebrities was cemented Monday at the Met Gala when Sanders was pictured as one of the many smiling faces in a somewhat unseemly mirror selfie.

annual bathroom selfie

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The photo, taken by build-a-face/body Kylie Jenner, appears to have been taken in a bathroom, which just shows the disregard the youngest Jenner has for any modicum of class (or the so-called social media ban, but, really, no one adheres to it). If it was a bathroom, it’s interesting to note that it may have been unisex, since there are both men and women posing for the picture.

Sanders is directly behind Jenner and pictured next to rapper ASAP Rocky, with rumored girlfriend Kendall Jenner. Kim Kardashian, sans Kanye West, is giving her classic kissy face, while Sean Combs and singer Frank Ocean show off their pearly whites.

Also pictured is Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, who seems to have a close relationship with Sanders and ASAP Rocky. In a photo posted to Instagram, she called the two “my boys.”

my boys know how to bring the party

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The 19-year-old heiress also wore Calvin Klein in her first appearance at the Met Gala. She will make her acting debut in an Amazon Studio film alongside David Oyelowo, according to Deadline.com.