Another real estate reality show

Despite the fact that Miami has proven to be reality ratings poison (if you thought The Real Housewives of Miami was bad, Big Ang’s Miami Monkey was an even bigger, er, bust), Bravo has just announced Million Dollar Listing Miami, which will, says the network, “showcase the sexy city where top luxury agents battle it out in the world of high-end real estate. With a surging market in South Florida, properties are selling for record rates and agents are cashing in on massive commissions like never before.”

Sound familiar? Like, perhaps the show-without-a-home Hot Listings Miami, featuring realtors Katrina Campins and Patricia Delinois? Not the same show. In fact, Campins is definitely not involved, confirmed her publicist Daphne Ortiz. In the meantime, a hot shot Miami realtor who was involved in an alleged casting for Million Dollar Listing Miami tells us the cast is made up of “unknowns.” The network is keeping us in a holding pattern, but let’s hope the boom isn’t another bust for Bravo.