Another dimension for Jon Chu

Even though it’s a bigger challenge for a director, Jon Chu loves working in 3D.

For Step Up 3D, out on DVD Tuesday, the California native took to the streets of New York City to bring the world of gravity-defying, urban-dance squads to life — almost literally.

It definitely wasn’t easy.

“We had to make decisions about how to enhance dimension or to keep dimension more subtle to tell that story,” said Chu, who made his directorial debut with Step Up 2: The Streets.

“The technical part was tricky, too. There are two cameras for every shot. One to depict your right eye and one for your left eye.”

But now it’s the only medium Chu, 32, wants to work in. Next to hit the big screen is his documentary on Justin Bieber, Never Say Never.

It was a blast to shoot.

“I just love that 3D can communicate different ideas — it’s a different paint, like oil and watercolor,” Chu says. “It’s not for all movies, but for movies like these it can do wonders.”

In Never Say Never, audiences can get up close and personal with the teen singing sensation.

“It really got my juices flowing — being on stage in Madison Square Garden surrounded by 20,000 people,” Chu says. “We got to experiment and create new rules.”

And what about people who get dizzy wearing the special glasses?

“That’s just part of it, but the glasses are getting better,” he says. “Plus we do take that into consideration. We brightened the picture in some parts and help you ease your eyes and give you a break.”


The Step Up 3 special 3-disc combo pack, featuring the film on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD with digital copy, costs $49.99.


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