Angels in America


Add a pair of wings to the backs of many models, and you’ll find they walk even taller than they usually do. Three beauties who won Vic- toria’s Secret “angel” status (reserved for its stars) also got to wear some of the best outfits in the retailer’s annual catwalk show shown Tuesday night on CBS.

An introduction:

Lily Aldridge jokes that she’s so used to walking around in her underwear that she feels a little “weird” being fully dressed. To prep for the show, the 25-year-old did extra ses- sions of pilates and kickboxing — and the dreaded series of 100 crunches, leg and rear-end lifts. She also tries to avoid sugar, but she’ll cook steak when she visits her family in Nashville. 

Erin Heatherton, an Illinois native, doesn’t go on any of her globe-trotting shoots without her iPad. She needs a constant, eclectic soundtrack to her work, fun and travels. Most people don’t realize that the fresh-scrubbed model doubles as the glam model who wore a gold-warrior capelet and peacock panty on the runway, as well as a sequined box- ing bra. “Sometimes people know me when I’m shopping in the store, but otherwise I transform a lot with makeup. My look is normally almost boyish and very young looking,” says the 21-year-old.

Candice Swanepoel gets ‘‘in a zone” that’s positive, upbeat and confident when the time comes to strut. The thought of stumbling does cross her mind, but other things make her more jittery. ‘‘Getting down to your knickers in front of the whole world is a little nerve-racking, but I love it,” says the 22-year-old South African.



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