Andy Garcia talks 'A Dark Truth'

Andy Garcia had to battle the elements in his latest movie, A Dark Truth.

The actor plays Jack Begosian, a former CIA agent turned radio show host called back to duty by a woman (Deborah Kara Unger) who fears her family’s water company is up to no good. Though the fact-based flick features major gunplay, a massacre and torture, Garcia (who also produced) says he tried to keep the violence realistic and within their means. “This is not a James Bond movie; this is no Skyfall,” says the Ocean’s 11 star. “We’re not going to have cars flying through the air, burning buildings, people jumping out of helicopters.”

Garcia also kept it real with the cast, which included close friends and colleagues. He costarred with Eva Longoria in For Greater Glory and with Oscar winner Forest Whitaker (“a beautiful actor and a very special human being”) in 2008’s The Air I Breathe. South Floridians might notice some other familiar faces: Stephen Bauer as a doomed journalist as well as Garcia’s fellow FIU alumni Julio Oscar Mechoso, who portrays a guide, and Alfredo Alvarez-Calderon, a corrupt general. “I got the old gang together,” he said. “It was fun.”