Aisha Hinds: UM girl

Aisha Hinds may be working the grueling streets of the Motor City as Lieutenant Maureen Mason on ABC’s Detroit 1-8-7, but in real life, she’s a Miami girl. Better said: A University of Miami girl.

We caught up with the former True Blood star (she played unforgettable exorcist Miss Jeannette), who was down for her alma mater’s recent game against FSU.

The Brooklyn native made the trip with Miami native Natalie Martinez, who plays Detective Ariana Sanchez on the Tuesday night show. Too bad their stellar presence didn’t bring the team luck.

What’s it like being on “Detroit 1-8-7”?

It’s an honor. We have the pleasure of being the first television series that shoots 100 percent of its content in Detroit. The show has an incredible team of writers and producers that work tirelessly to capture the essence, spirit and aesthetic of the city and layer each character with compelling stories and adventurous journeys.

What is Detroit like? It’s a weathered city — and obviously been through a rough transformation, but the foundation is still very potent and mes- merizing. There are buildings standing that are architectural masterpieces. One of the great- est parts are the people — their resilience, their love for their city and their passion to protect the integrity that remains after years of deterioration. There is also amazing food, music and fashion.

What is the best part of your job? Doing what I love makes every single part of my job fun. Meeting new people, seeing and learning about the city, bonding with my cast, being a source of inspiration for local artists and young people all give me tremendous joy. This ride has been a bless- ing on every side. The cast seems close. We bonded during the pilot, and we remain close and supportive of one another. We all live very close to one another and have traveled together, cooked for each other, encouraged each other, laughed together and just have a great time working as an ensemble.

What are your favorite cop dramas? I grew up watching shows like Columbo and really find myself drawn to ones with characters who are interesting and eccentric — while getting the job done, of course.

What do you do when you’re in Miami? I make it a point to visit the UM campus and walk around the lake. My life was trans- formed there, and I met lifelong friends, so it holds a very special place in my heart. I also try to hit up my old eateries like Chicken Kitchen for some “chop chop.” Without question, I make a trip to South Beach, and Coconut Grove. And when time and weather permits, I go out on a boat with my besties and my godchildren.


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