A&E Florida-filmed show 'The Glades' cancelled

Fans of A&E’s The Glades were bummed Friday to learn that the show was axed. The show’s star Matt Passmore wrote on his Facebook page of the cop dramedy’s demise and later tweeted: “So the Glades has come to its conclusion. Thank you to everyone who watched, supported, laughed, cried and snarked with us.Been a great ride.” But all hope may not be lost. Passmore is telling anyone who cares to log on to www.thepetitionsite.com/362/362/084/save-the-glades-on-ae to try to save the show, filmed entirely in the Sunshine State.

The Glades follows a Chicago detective (Passmore) who takes a job with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gomez, Jordan Wall and Michelle Hurd also costar.

It premiered in 2010.