Adrian Grenier’s brotherly love

They call themselves brothers first. Rock stars second.

And thanks to a certain Entourage cutie, The Honey Brothers are making a name for themselves.

Once dubbed a “Hawaiian-Appalachian Glam Rock” band, The Honey Brothers have a unique sound, especially when frontman Ari Gold starts jamming on the ukulele.

The band (Ari Gold, DS Posner and Andrew Vladeck) got their start in 2001 as an acoustic trio. “We used to play on the streets of New York,” Gold said.

Gold’s brother, Ethan, later joined along with actor Adrian Grenier.

On Monday, Honey Brothers will perform at the Gridiron Bash, an Orange Bowl concert and pep rally on South Beach.

They’re not at all slighted that some fans will come just to drool over Grenier.

“There’s always girls standing in front taking pictures with their cellphones,” Gold said. “But by the end of the concert, they’re dancing.”

Added Grenier, “It’s a nice feeling to know people dig what we do, celebrity or not. If they didn’t come [to see me] they obviously wouldn’t hear the music.”

Next up, the band heads back to the studio. Members are spread out across the U.S., so getting together to work can be hard.

“We’ll do the lyrical stuff in e-mail and share music or ideas we like on video,” Gold says.

Once they get back in the groove, Grenier says being with the band is like a family reunion.

“I love them, hate them, fight with them but always have the best time regardless.”

Honey Brothers at the Gridiron Bash and Pep Rally; 7 p.m. Monday; Ocean Drive (between 6th and 9th streets) Miami Beach;



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