Actress and September Playboy model Kelly Brook gives movie some extra bite

Like big teeth and lots of thrashing around? We’re not talking about the fish in Piranha 3D, we’re talking about one of the movie’s nubile stars. British actress/model Kelly Brook is having quite a summer, playing a randy spring breaker and appearing in Playboy’s September issue. The British bombshell, 30, told the mag how she got her big crossover break — director Alexandre Aja (High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes remake) spotted her at a fish and chips joint in L.A., and liked her look. Understandable. Now Brook — Billy Zane‘s ex — is battling rogue creatures in Arizona alongside Elisabeth Shue (as a bad-ass sheriff), Ving Rhames (her deputy) and Jerry O’Connell (a voyeur filmmaker). Even Richard Dreyfuss has a quickie wink-wink cameo.

Did you have fun making Piranha 3D?

It was so much fun. I play the character of Danni who is a wild, wild girl. I run around in a red bikini fighting the piranha and making out with girls. I had just finished a three-month stint on London’s West End Stage in a Neil LaBute play, so this was just the antidote I needed.

Any strange moments on the set?

My costar Riley Steele had to “motorboat” me in front of hundreds of extras while we danced about on a boat. I didn’t know what a “motorboat” was creating a loud sound between a woman’s breasts]. Now I do. Thank you, America!

Do you have a fear of ocean monsters?

I filmed a movie called Survival Island in the Bahamas. There were always sharks in the water. The crew would only tell me after they got the shot, though. Are you more of a water or land person? Land! I really would love to work on land. One day!

What was the Playboy shoot like? Did you do anything to prepare for it?

As in waxing? Just kidding [laughs]. Actually the shoot was very well produced; photographer Ellen von Unwerth is a perfectionist and most of the preparation and styling came from her amazing team.

Do you ever get to Miami?

Yes. The Raleigh Hotel is my favorite because Esther Williams stayed there and all the history that comes with that hotel is amazing. I love driving to Key West and stopping at Key Largo. The Moorings hotel [in Islamorada] is also beautiful. Fly boutique is awesome for vintage clothes and bags.

Any more movies coming up?

I shot an indie movie called Removal with Elliott Gould and Billy Burke. [Actor] Oz Perkins wrote the script about a deranged janitor type guy. It’s dark, but very cool.

What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe. That came from Brian Jones, my gardener.


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