Ace of Cakes Duff Goldman getting in shape

Ace of Cakes has ended its run on the Food Network, but the show’s star Duff Goldman is just getting going.

The tatted-up baker hosted Godiva’s “Indulge” event — “a celebration of everything sweet and decadent” at the Dream Hotel on Friday night during the SoBe Wine & Food Fest.

The TV personality got foodies salivating with his signature Godiva cake truffle collection as well as a creation from his Baltimore bake shop, Charm City Cakes, which just opened a branch in Los Angeles. Goldman says he loves the city partially due to In-N-Out Burger. Yes, sweets aren’t his only guilty pleasure. Though Duff has a hard time not licking the spoon when it comes to his pumpkin chocolate chip cake. “It’s amazingly moist,’’ he says. “Plus, I love baking with vegetables.”

As for local favorites, Goldman can’t leave Miami without grabbing an “amazing” sweet empanada from Half Moon. Though the Michigan native, 38, comes up with most of the ideas himself, he wouldn’t mind collaborating with two Food Network colleagues.

“Adam Richman (Man Vs. Food) and I both share a similar outlook on food and a general love of life and its excess,” he says. “And Tyler Florence has been such an inspiration to me throughout my career. We both have a borderline manic obsession with motorcycles.” With all the temptations, Goldman has to work it. Literally. Five days a week, he does one hour of cardio, one hour of weights and a half hour of boxing.

“That and I got a Nike Fuel-Band, it’s very motivational. I’ve dropped over 40 pounds in the last year. It’s hard not to be motivated when you look around, and you see all the people on the covers of all the muscle magazines in the airport!”