A slow Burn (Notice)

Coby Bell is a lucky man by Hollywood standards. While most actors are fortunate enough to land a gig on one hit TV series, the 36-year-old California stars in two. On USA’s Burn Notice, Bell plays Jesse Porter, a no-nonsense spy who was accidentally by burned by Michael Westen ( played by Jeffrey Donovan). On BET’s The Game, he’s portrays Jason Pitts, a football champ for the fictitious San Diego Sabers. He credits the heavy workload to the respective cable networks. “I was on The Game first for three years, then the show got canceled. I was lucky enough to hop right into Burn Notice,” he said by phone from his Coconut Grove apartment

“We were filming [Burn Notice] when I heard The Game was picked up by BET… I was fortunate to get to do both series and that the production companies let me do both.” Burn Notice, which films in Miami, calls for Bell to live half the year in sunny Florida. He then divides the rest of the time between his house in Long Beach, Calif., and Atlanta for The Game. So how does an action hero turn into a goofy football champ anyway? “Comedy is harder. People don’t give it the credit it deserves, but I’ve always enjoyed playing the silly, goofy guy,” he says of his role on The Game. T

hough his time on Burn Notice has been a blast. “We’re like superheroes who get to do crazy stuff,” he says. “It took a little while to find out who my character is. Now I feel like we’ve done that.” Plus blowing up stuff is fun, even from faraway. “I do some of my own stunts like jumping over walls, but the car accidents and explosive scenes are done by my stunt guy Juan.” He’s the first to praise his Burn Notice co-stars, Jeffrey Donovan (also a producer on the show), Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell. “Jeffrey is a smart dude. I’m really impressed how he handles his work load,” and “Gabrielle is a sweetheart even though her character [Fiona Glenanne] is a little scary.”


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