A real life Idol

Kris Allen had so much fun at last year’s Dolphins game, he’s coming back and doing it again Sunday. The American Idol season 8 winner has a new album under his belt and he talked to us about it and other stuff:

Tell us about the new record.

Right after you get off the show you rush into starting the album. I worked on it through the Idol Tour and after with different writers. It was an interesting process that I learned a lot through. I met some awesome people and had a fun time putting the album together.

Do you have a favorite track?

It’s always hard to pick a favorite but I would probably have to go with Red Guitar. It’s a song that I wrote a couple years before the album came out and it was nice to bring that song on the first album.

Tell us about your single “Alright With Me”?

The song is a fun and catchy tune. I wrote the song with Joe King from The Fray. He came up with the initial idea and we worked from there.

What are you looking forward to most? Just the time that I’ve been able to write for this one has felt incredible. Hopefully well get into the studio soon and start really diving into the new album.

How different is this year from last – personally and professionally? I don’t exactly remember much of last year but the one thing that feels different is just everything has calmed down. Last year there was so much going on. Now things have slowed down a little bit and they just feel better. A little more my pace, I would say.

What can fans expect from the Fins game Tailgate concert?

It’s going to be an acoustic show with a couple of guys from my band. The guys are really talented and even though it may sound a little bit more chill we will still get the crowd involved and people will have a gold time. Hopefully the Dolphins can win this one!


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