A Year in Pitbull

Like a Kardashian to a camera, you can’t go anywhere in Miami without hearing, seeing or -yep, smelling – Pitbull. Miami’s unofficial (official?) PR representative, Pit is bullish when it comes to, well, everything. Concerts like the one this Friday at the Hard Rock Live barely scratch the surface of his bustling agenda. This year was no exception. What follows is, in brief, a year in Pitbull, in no particular order.

Stellar Pitbull

Mr. Worldwide finally cemented his place in Hollywood with his own star on the Walk of Fame, located in the appropriately-named Celia Cruz Square of Tinseltown. His was the 2,584th star, but most definitely the very first for someone named after a Cujo-esque canine. 

Pitbull, the Perfume

Unbeknownst to many, Pitbull released not his first, but his third fragrance, “Pitbull Cuba,” which he calls his most “personal fragrance yet.” As scared as we are to discover this part of his personality, the unisex fragrance pays olfactory homage to his Cuban roots. “This is my personal favorite, and it’s one step closer to freedom – CUBA LIBRE,” he says. “I wanted to pay a sensorial tribute to my family heritage. Cuba is warm, sexy and vibrant. It’s designed for confident individuals who flirt with the unknown.” Speaking of the unknown, Pit remained uncharacteristically mum on the death of Fidel Castro. Perhaps we’ll hear his thoughts in an upcoming song.  

Apolitical Pitbull

In a politically-charged year, Pitbull remained neutral. Last year, in his acceptance speech at Premios Juventud 2015 he admonished Trump for his disparaging words against latinos and told Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush to “ponerse las pilas,” which in Pit talk means “get it together.” But maybe this interview with  Buzzfeed reveals why he wasn’t following JLo and Marc Anthony to do free concerts for Team Hillary: When asked if he’s a Democrat or a Republican, he said “I’m not here to be part of any political party. I’m here to bring political parties to my party because they can’t, they won’t, they never will, stop the Pitbull party, Dale!” Dale, indeed.

Emotional Pitbull

Pit was much more emotional when he accepted his Corazón Latino Award at the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina,where he gave a powerful speech flanked by radio personality Enrique Santos and kids from his SLAM! charter school in Miami.  “To be up here with not only somebody that changed my life and helped my career like Enrique Santos, but to be with kids that are just like me who came form nothing and understand what it is to make something out of it, is a true honor,” Pitbull emoted.”Awards don’t mean nothing to me because my kids can’t eat awards, but you know what it means to be able to be somebody that can build a school in their own neighborhood and give a future to kids that nobody believed in … this award means the world to me.” 

Private Pitbull

As we said, Pitbull is everywhere, including in a private file in Tallahassee. Huh? Yep, Armando Christian Perez, aka Mr. 305, did some paid tourism work for Visit Florida. But when people wanted to know the details of this gig, the state refused because Pitbull’s contract contained “proprietary trade information” which exempted the deal from a public records request. To this day, the file is still sealed. What trade information could it be? The recipe to his fragrances? Plans for a Dale Cafe? This is and remains Pitbull’s very own Area 51.