Le Diner en Blanc popped up in downtown Miami. And an attendee popped the question.

Tomas Loewy

In case you were ignoring your instagram on Saturday night, Le Diner en Blanc snuck into Miami. As usual, the pop up dinner party sprang up in a super secret location that attendees didn’t know about until arriving at the venue. 

Here’s a shot of the venue before the crowd descended. Can you tell where it is? 

Do you recognize that view?

Yep, that is the MacArthur Causeway and the vast green space is the land where the Miami Herald building once stood. The area, which is owned by Malaysian casino giant Genting, has been vacant since the developer’s plans to develop a luxury casino and resort were thwarted. The site, which will also host Art Miami in December, is now just open space with an unobstructed view of the bay, aka the perfect spot for a fancy picnic for about 1800 people. 

Look at it after it got all fancified: 

Le Diner en Blanc is a place where you can unleash your inner Pinterest goddess: everyone brings their own tables, chairs, place settings and decorations. It is like a Martha Stewart competition with only white accessories.  


The cutest moment of the night was when one of the guests was informed she won a prize. But guess what her prize was? Some bling. 

Her new diamond will go nicely with her white dress.