7 cool booths to visit at Agenda Miami

Agenda Show is back in the city for the second time since its Miami debut in January. 

The show, originally founded in California by Aaron Levant, brings buyers, designers and brands together for an expo-style showcase. Each brand has a booth and buyers walk around and pop into the booths that catch their eye – and can make a wholesale purchase.

With 171 booths full of activities and merchandise, it can get overwhelming for a first-time attendee, or even for those coming back for a second shot at seeing the coolest gear and experience.

Here are the 7 booths you should not miss out on while at Agenda Miami:

Brand: Pop Shoes
Booth: G13
Merchandise: Sneakers

The booth sells glow-in-the-dark sneakers, with neon lights inserted inside the sole. The styles include platforms, lace-ups and above-the-ankle, among others. Similar shoes with light-up soles have been trending, so visiting the booth allows potential clients the opportunity to see and try a bright pair of kicks.


Brand: Style Mafia
Location: G8
Merchandise: Clothes

With a phenomenal collection displayed at Funkshion’s Miami Fashion Week in March, Style Mafia tops as a must-have brand at Miami boutiques, since they are characteristic for designing dressy, chic, wearable and comfortable clothes for Miami residents. Currently available for purchase from the collection are bell-bottom pants, off-the-shoulder blouses, hues of baby blue, white, beige and some black.



Brand: Herschel Supply Co.
Location: D13
Merchandise: Travel gear

Herschel is for the buyer whose clientele are travelers. The travel-gear manufacturer  is oriented toward those who like to travel with comfort and with spacious bags. Available are duffle bags and various styles of backpacks.



Brand: Tango Hotel
Location: A3
Merchandise: Men’s underwear

With an attractive bright neon sign you can’t miss, Tango Hotel provides printed men’s underwear with photos of cartoons, superheroes and marijuana leaves within others. It’s a must-see booth for those buyers looking for undergarments for men, or hey, why not women?


Brand: Brixton
Location: C13
Merchandise: Hats

Fedora-lovers must stop by and see the wide selection of hats that the Brixton booth has available. With brims as wide as it gets and hats in endless variations of colors, the booth is a great stop for any buyer who owns a boutique.

Brand: YesJulz
Location: H17
Merchandise: Hats and T-shirts

Cultivated and branded by Miami’s social influencer YesJulz, the booth provides visitors with a fun experience of getting to know what she’s about. From the hashtag #NeverNotWorking, to something called NewMusicMondayz – where artists submit their music hoping to make it to the list for Julz’s 300,000-plus online followers to listen to – YesJulz has created a movement for the young and hip in Miami. The booth has various stations: one for listening to music, another with photos of her at events and parties, a Pac-Sun pop up, and a T-shirt printing station where those who make donations can have a logo of their choice (from 4 different options) put on their shirt. All donations go towards Fun Fridays, a program that aids art programs for the kids of Charles Drew Elementary in Liberty City. 

Brand: Derick G
Location: M1
Merchandise: Branding and Miami culture

Derick G, a very proud Hialeah-native, has been photographing women for a decade. His ‘risque’ photography style of girls in sensual poses, with little to no clothes have made him a popular when answering the question ‘Who can shoot great photos in Miami?’. For his booth Derick G brought displayed a collage of photos, which he considers the most PG-rated of his collection, on the walls and floor of the booth, along with a tall neon sign that reads, “Your nudes are safe with me.” Many of the familiar faces in the photos are those of Instagram models. The booth displays hats with signs of various locations in Miami and brands he established. Parked outside his booth is the original white Ferrari from Miami Vice with more surrounding signs glorifying Dade County.