A new year begins. Now don’t you want to

know what’s relevant? Here’s a handy list to keep

you in the know for 2011 — at least for awhile.

OUT IN Zombies Ballerinas James Franco Garrett Hedlund Kardashian crazy Quaid crazy Self-loathing sexcapades Realizing you’re not

Don Draper Team CoCo Joel McHale-colytes Scott Brown Marco Rubio King Tut Cleopatra “Inception” The fourth hour of the “Today” show Bobbleheads Throttlenecks 3-D Silent films Mumblecore “The King’s Speech” Betty White Anne Meara Four Loko Alcoholic whipped cream Swedish mystery writers Rooney Mara Florence + the Machine Robyn Angry Birds Camelot Smashalot Diet Dr Pepper Cherry Zero Ruby Tuesday’s IHOP Taylors Shilohs Fratire Fauxmance Mark Zuckerberg Ethan Zuckerman Jason Wu Prabal Gurung U.S. outsourcing to China China outsourcing to Indonesia Mamie Gummer Lily Rabe “True Blood” “True Grit”


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