Tommy Lee& Aero

March Madness, the phrase coined by journalists and fans and marketing gurus for the NCAA men's college basketball tournament, can totally be applied to Miami every third month of the year. From the Miami International Film Festival to Calle Ocho to Carnaval on the Mile to the Sony Ericsson Open tennis to Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach to the Winter Music Conference, there may not be a better place than in Miami during March. (And this year we even get some of those tournament basketball games over at Dwyane Wade's house - AmericanAirlines Arena).

Thursday night was when I realized Miami's March Madness had arrived. Two parties, one at the Viceroy at Icon in Brickell and the other at David Barton's new gym and spa at The Gansevoort South, were stuffed with celebrities and people who felt like celebs and people who believe they are celebrities. Sharon Stone and Selma Blair at the Viceroy, a stunning hotel worth checking out the next time you're in Brickell. Tommy Lee and DJ Aero performing at the gym which feels like you're working out in a Moroccan-inspired club with hardbodies everywhere.

After soaking it all in, the best part of the night was when myself and a pair of friends tagged on with a large party that was headed to Plunge, the rooftop hotel of the Gansevoort. They didn't know us. We didn't know them. But we managed to stowaway on the elevator rideand get to the roof in no time, where it was packed. Where did all these people come from? I ran into a friend who said that LIV at the Fontainebleau was the same for the party launch of a new website. Recession? What recession? Three packed opening parties and a rooftop full of revlers? Let the Madness begin.