The James Royal Palm Launches VIP Insider Program

In an effort to woo locals to their oceanfront digs, The James Royal Palm (1545 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-604-5700) is launching a VIP Insider program offering 20% off all of its venues, including the Florida Cookery restaurant, Renew the Spa, South Shore lounge, Coffee Bar, James Club lobby bar and the Give: The Shop.

How does one become an Insider? Simply sign up at the concierge desk. Upon approval, Insiders will receive a special card to access their discounts throughout the property.

They’ll also receive a welcome package offering a preview of each of the venues’ goodies, including a house-made seafood rub created by Florida Cookery executive chef Billy Boyle, Himalayan salt scrub from Renew the Spa, mango scented candle from Give: The Shop and a dulce de leche treat from Coffee Bar.

Insiders also receive discounted $10 valet parking at The James Royal Palm. The Insider card is valid through December 31, 2014.