Is this new startup the Uber of air travel?

Blackbird Air, a San Francisco tech startup, is on a mission to make regional air travel affordable, convenient and, most importantly, on-demand with a swipe of their proprietary app.

And they’ve just launched in South Florida with Naples as the hub flying to and from Miami and Key West. One-way flights start at $199. (Note: There are currently no flights between Miami and Key West).

Blackbird also services regions in California, Colorado, New York and North Carolina.

Operating on an Uber-of-the-skies ride-sharing model, the app offers three ways to book a flight aboard one of their partner jets, ranging from a four-seat Cirrus SR-22 to a 30-seat Embraer ERJ-135. There’s even a five-seat DMC-2 Beaver seaplane in the mix, for good measure.

Option 1: Book a seat on one of their regularly scheduled flights and show up to the airport 15 minutes before takeoff.

Option 2: Air Pool allows you to create your own charter flight and keep your fingers crossed that enough other travelers book a seat on it in order for the plane to get off the ground. 

Option 3: Ball out and charter your own private jet with the convenience of their app.

Here’s what we’ve discovered about the Miami-Naples route after playing around on the app and comparing prices:

  • If you’ve got a hankering to get to Naples without the two-hour drive across Alligator Alley, you can book a roundtrip flight with Blackbird for as low as $398 (one-way $199). Flight time is 30-minutes.
  • At the moment, their scheduled flights require at least three more passengers to get the jet off the ground.
  • A roundtrip private charter starts at $2,400 (one-way $1,200).
  • The only other flight option available is aboard Linear Air Taxi from MIA and pricing is pretty similar to Blackbird. A roundtrip private charter aboard their three-person jet is $2,378 (one-way $1,189). A single seat is $792 roundtrip ($396 one-way).

So the question you really need to ask yourself is, how badly do you want to go to Naples and how much is 90-minutes worth to you?

The question we have for Blackbird is, let us know when you start flying between Miami and Key West, k?


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