Cupid Gone Celibate

Can celibacy be a sexy Valentine’s Day gift? Here you’ve booked a suite at the Setai Miami or the Riverside Hotel. You bought the boutique Champagne, the deep, dark chocolate and the milky music, but guess what? Your boo flipped
the script, lost the Primitivo-flavored lubricants and proceeded to show you Yoga positions she or he said are equally gratifying. Was listening to 105.1 the other day and learned many women say they’re going celibate. Interesting. And as I arrange my upcoming Valentine’s Day hotel guide, I wonder what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day? Maybe, you’re doing the celibacy thing? Maybe, you just lost your boo and are boycotting Cupid’s soiree? Maybe, your homie is your Valentine? Maybe, you’re finally going to invite that sexy colleague for cocktails at Creek 28?

Do tell.


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