Best of the Best, Baby!

Folks line up for samples of food and wine at the SoBe Wine & Food Festival's Best of the Best event at the Fontainbleau Hotel

So, let’s do a little Wine Spectator Best of the Best recap. Did I see Lennox Lewis, Guys? Or did I imagine that sexy rippled bottle of overt masculinity as the 1998 Krug Champagne Vintage Brut straddled my loins? That was a damn good bottle of Champagne. All those sweet vanilla spices were a complete curb ball for my presumptuous palate. I loved the Champagne entrance concept, though I didn’t get to the Dom. Inside the Fontainebleau’s main room, the crowd was Bad Girls Club meets Patridge Family Reunion lol. And most of the food I tasted was delicious. The dark chocolate cream shot was like an adult Rice Krispies Treat
(though the chef snarled at my description). Saw this sexy master sommelier slash winemaker I sort of have a crush on (Hint: Loves The Chronique). Were you there? What did you think?


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