Madonna & Lady Gaga catfight it out on SNL


Madonna and Lady Gaga's catfight caught on tape, well sort of...

Madonna goes for Lady Gaga's wig on stage.

By Juan Lopez

What the hell is a disco stick, screams Madonna as she pulls Lady Gaga's wig.

The hair/wig pulling ensues as Lady Gaga retorts, "Hey Madonna, guess what? I am totally hotter than you."

No this isn't real a diva catfight. It's a hilarious skit that aired on Saturday Night Live.

If you missed it, click on the link and see how the Material Girl and Gaga threw it down.

Kudos to Madonna for aligning herself with Lady Gaga, or how I like to call her, "Baby Madonna."

Hmmm, wonder if this is a sign of an impending 'collabo' for the pop divas?

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