MAD initaly


A new Italian showroom opens up in the Design District.


Maria Tettamanti

The lowdown: When something is made in Italy, the chichi factor automatically goes up 10 points. No lie. So allow us to introduce you to recently opened MAD initaly — a first-of-its-kind showroom. Specializing in interior design and home expressions crafted in — you guessed it — Italy, the store is the brainchild of Nadine Curmi Borgomanero and interior designer Fabrizio Cocchi.

“Italian style is not only embedded in our history and deep-rooted traditions, but apparent in our opulent interiors and finest quality of craftsmanship,” Borgomanero says.

The ‘hood: MAD initaly is fittingly located in the Design District — the fulcrum to one's furniture and interior designing needs.

The ambience: Think Italian chic. The 2,000 square foot space is dripping in drop-dead gorgeous home furnishing, accessories and art pieces. The showroom also operates as a gallery for contemporary works of art and photography including Italian artists Ventrone and Vittorio Gui.

Highlights: Browse a collection of well-curated decorative pillows, urns, frames, knickknacks, pottery, furniture, nostaligic kitsch and more. Bella!

The co-owner says: “MAD initaly aims to unveil the most precious secrets of our culture and history which is in most cases behind closed doors,” Borgomanero adds.

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