Two Miami Beach chefs win ‘Chopped’ on Food Network


Local chefs Adrienne Grenier and Giorgio Rapicavoli take home first prize

Chopped winners from Miami Beach
Adrienne Grenier and Giorgio Rapicavoli are Miami Beach-based chefs who each won 'Chopped' on the Food Network.

Adrienne Grenier, sous chef at Miami Beach’s 1500 Degrees, won $10,000 on the Tuesday, Jan. 17 episode of Chopped, a Food Network show hosted by Ted Allen.

Judges Chris Santos, Amanda Freitag and Maneet Chauhan proclaimed Grenier the winner of the episode entitled “Frozen Fries with That?”

Two weeks earlier, Miami chef Giorgio Rapicavoli (Chispa, 660 at the Anglers), took home the $10,000 top prize on Chopped. The 26-year-old bested two competitors in his romp, winning every round. 


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