Live the Sheen Dream


Confucius? No - Charlie Sheen!


Confucius. Plato. Buddha. Whitman. All great minds that have provided generations with singular nuggets of transcendental wisdom. Add actor Charlie Sheen to the list as his one-liners are the stuff of fortune cookies. Someone who has a lot of free time has amassed Mr. Sheen's quotables on a website called

Just click on Sheen's head and find a bounty of insight. There are motivational quotes - "I'm tired of pretending like I'm not a total, bitchin' rock star from Mars."  Self-help quotes - "Your perimeter has been breached. You got work to do, bro." Reflective musings - "I have been a veteran of the unspeakable." And then there are things that we wish we could put into context - "What was she doing with a shrimp fork in her purse?"

Bask in Charlie Sheen's infinite wisdom and wonder at his insight as you wait for five o'clock. You're welcome.

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