Le-Brat James at Shake Shack


New York-based chain's Beach outpost welcomes LeBron James to Miami.

The Le-Brat James
The Le-Brat James is a griddled bratwurst with Tabasco-simmered onions, sold for $5.75

By Sara Frederick

Le-Brat James -- it’s not LeBron’s new nickname from disgruntled Cavalier fans, but a new, limited-time menu item at Miami Beach’s newest burger joint, Shake Shack. The just-off-Lincoln Road venue is offering The Le-Brat James, a ‘‘griddled bratwurst bringing the HEAT with Tabasco simmered onions.’’

‘‘They were serving it in New York -- they also wanted LeBron,’’ says Zach Koff, the company’s director of Florida operations. ‘‘I thought it was appropo to bring it here.’’

The Shack, which made its Miami Beach debut last month, began serving Le-Brat at 11 a.m. Friday and had sold about 15 in the first hour and a half.

Like LeBron, Le-Brat is working for less money (unless the Heat and Cavs complete a sign-and-trade deal, that is). The $5.75 special will be available through the weekend.

‘‘We’re so glad he came here,’’ Koff says.

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