Kat Von D back to Miami ink


Tattoo Chronicles signing at Books and Books


Trading her ink needles for an ink pen, tattoo artist and reality-TV star Kat Von D is promoting her new book, The Tattoo Chronicles. Von D, 28, is the owner of High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood, Calif., and the star of the TLC series based there, "L.A. Ink." Many may remember during her time on Miami Ink.

She's also famously dating Sandra Bullock's ex, Jesse James, but she won't comment on that. She will discuss her art - Kat says in the book she sometimes feel like a therapist as clients talk while getting inked up. "When you give a tattoo, generally it's very monumental for a person, and it's an up-close and intimate time while you're tattooing them. And they feel they're not gonna be judged, and they openly share and know they'll be listened to," she says.

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