Jimmy Choo not all about the shoes


The perfume rocks


Shoes? What shoes?

Revered fashion house Jimmy Choo got into the spirit of scent last year. First an eau de parfum, then an eau de toilette.

True to the brand's chichi style, packaging was off the charts (the silver-wrapped, limited edition Jimmy Choo Parfum was almost too pretty to open).

These days, the special edition has been replaced with a new, 1.3 fl. oz. Jimmy Choo Parfum, decked in a way reusable black box. According to a release, its difference lies in the fact that it's deeper and more intense with bits of candied orange, tiger orchid, toffee caramel, amber, sandalwood and patchouli.

Find it for $150 at Nordstrom counters and online.

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