The Jersey Shore Season 2 Watch Party


Calling all Snooki look-alikes! Dress like your fave Jersey Shore guido and get a free drink at the Catalina's watch party.


By Amy Reyes

Puff up your pompadour, slather on the self tanner and draw on that six pack because the Catalina Hotel & Beach Club is paying tribute to The Jersey Shore this Thursday and they want you to blend in.

Folks who can't get enough of the crew of Jersey guidos are invited to watch the season 2 premiere on the hotel's four huge plasma screen TVs as they enjoy deals on drinks and grub like the "Jersey Burger and Beer" for a mere $10, and $6 cocktails like the "Jersey Shore Situation".  Dress like your favorite cast member receive a free cocktail.

Season 2 brings the crews antics to our beautiful city for a few weeks, with the home base being The Metropole South Beach.  Does Snooki get sucker punched again? Does the Situation get soft around the middle working at the gelateria? Will the crew blend into the Miami nightlife scene, or will they stick out like the bump of hair on Snooki's head? We can only watch and see...



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