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I did something I haven't done since college. No, not a keg stand. Though my roommate could funnel a beer like no one I've ever seen. (She was from Kansas City.) I stayed out until like 4 a.m.! I'm one of those nothing good ever happens after 1 a.m. believers, and so I'm usually outtie 5000 by midnight (just to be safe). But just as I was envisioning my cozy bed, in walks... Matt Damon. I'm also one of those people who never thinks a celebrity is actually a celebrity, but instead someone who just really looks like one. So when he walked in, I looked at him and thought, hmm, that guy has a Matt Damon look to him. Plus, he was with friends of friends, and how could I possibly be 3 measly degrees from Matt Damon?

It wasn't until my friend Pam started frantically tapping my shoulder - which was, it turns out, just centimeters away from Matt Damon's shoulder - to tell me that Matt Damon was standing right next to me that I knew it was THE Matt Damon. Of course, I just sat there, whispering and giggling like a 10-year-old girl, with Matt Damon's back to me. I could have tapped him on the shoulder and said something - anything - but I didn't. I could have taken a picture - or at least pretended I was taking a picture of someone else - but I didn't. Heck, I could have just leaned to the right and touched him discreetly and at least been able to say I touched Matt Damon (whatever that's worth). But I didn't.

So, yeah, Matt Damon was at The White Room Saturday night. I was there because was celebrating the launch of our new video series, Walkabout. Basically, it's a series dedicated to the 'hoods of Miami, street by street. The first episode is all about 14th Street, which is still pretty sketchy, but has come along way from its uber-sketchy days. The Vagabond, Karu & Y, PS14 and The White Room have all set up shop on and around this street. We even walked there from the Arsht Center and felt 75 percent safe. Sure, someone set off some firecrackers in the street and everyone immediately thought they were gunshots, and sure, a helicopter search light swept over us at one point during the night, but it made me feel totally urban and therefore cool. Plus Matt Damon was there.

It was also the night of Poplife (and one of Poplife's creator's, Aramis), an indie-rock night that's been going on for eons. I started going when it was at Picadilly Café in the Design District, which then turned into The District, which then turned into Pacific Time. I was a little disappointed with the music selection this time around, as it's usually one awesome indie rock song after another (Radiohead, The Cure, Blondie, M.I.A., Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, etc.), but whoever was Dj-ing decided he/she wanted us to re-live the '90s (as if), with stuff like that "Why waste your time, when ya know you're gonna be mine" song. (Cringe). I could have done without the silk shirt and Z. Cavaricci flashbacks.

But anyway, the video is hosted by the dapper, chain-smoking (really, it's not an act) John Hood and shot/edited by Stian "Dr. Fjord" Roenning, who's also responsible for the sleek Bella Rose Black Sunday videos. Expect to see new ones on the site every other week.

And in the meantime, if you see Matt Damon, tell him I didn't say hi.

-- miaeditor