Joaquin Phoenix: I'm Still Here Trailer


Joaquin Phoenix, the rapper, rises from the ashes of his acting career. Catch the trailer for his upcoming film.

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We still remember the bizarre interview on David Letterman. The gum he put under the desk. The glasses, the too-cool-for-school attitude, the beard, the crazy hair. And Miami still remembers the shenanigans at LIV. He climbed on stage to perform for all of three minutes, yelled at some hecklers about how rich he was, then ran from the stage. Show's over!

It appears that we will soon understand the mystery of Joaquin Phoenix's strange transformation from Oscar-nominated Hollywood A-lister to unstable rap star to absolute obscurity. Check out the trailer for "I'm Still Here", the upcoming film that documents that journey, quick as it was.

Maybe after all this nonsense is over, we will get our Joaquin back.


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