How does Kim Kardashian look so good?


Makeup secret


By People Page Staff

It's not easy being Kim Kardashian.

The girl travels back and forth between Miami and LA constantly. Plus she has so many appearances as well shindigs to attend. Planes are tough as is jet lag, which she recently experience on a fashion trip to London to launch a new collaboration. But KK keeps it together and we know one way how: Insiders at GBS The Beauty Store tell us that it's partially due to Ben Nye’s Banana Powder. One of her main makeup artists, Joyce Bonelli loves it because it's so inexpensive ($8.95) and creates a flawless look quickly. This so called “magic” powder is used to conceal her under eye shadows and is made with actual bananas. Crazy, hunh?

Get it at GBS, The Beauty Store;

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