For those who follow my columns, my blogs and read on a daily basis (I hope that’s a lot of you out there, by the way) it might be kind of obvious that I am in love with champagne, cocktails of any sort, shopping deals and spas. This past week, I was feeling lucky once again when I was invited to media events at two top-notch yet totally different spas: Agua at the Mondrian and Lapis at the Fontainebleau.

These two spots are proof that in Miami you can have anything catered your way - even relaxation.

Step inside Agua and you’ll be greeted by cool white colors and a gleaming mirrored desk area. For the South Beach-loving crowd, Agua proves an escape from thumping music and too many nights spent past your bedtime. Once you are whisked away through the intimate maze-like enviroment and into one of their treatment rooms for a 30-minute target massage or pedi on one of their white royalty-suited princess type chairs, it’ll feel just like heaven.

Lapis at the Fontainebleau is a different style, but definitely suited for the divas and gents that like their spa Vegas-style. The large spa offers a private pool area where attendees are urged to check out a “Lapis Ritual Water Journey” of their choice before treatment which could include anything from a dip into their immersion mineral water jet bath or a run into their elements rain tunnel, a room where water falls from the ceiling like your own private rain shower. Don’t expect a lot of peace and quiet in the large enviroment until you get to the second floor treatment rooms – all lit in red– since the spot is usually packed with tourists from all around the world, many sharing stories out loud while sipping tea. But do expect a massage, which will get all those tight spots unknotted.

Need a deal? Check out Spa Fancy every week in the shopping channel. For now, call up Agua at the Mondrian and mention’s recent story and get 20 percent off any treatment of your choice.

- Aurora Rodriguez