Have it Your Way


BK goes highbrow on SoBe - and brings beer!


The rumors (and prayers?) are true – SoBe has its very own beer-shilling Whopper Bar. The first of its kind, the Washington Ave spot will be open 24/7 and dishing out breakfast from 5-10:30am, beer from 8-5am and burgers all hours. Have it your way with over 20 toppings (guacamole, A1, crispy onions, pepper bacon) or pick from one of six Bar Favorites, including the new BK Black & Bleu Steakhouse XT featuring blue cheese, blackened Cajun sauce & pepper bacon. Wash it all down with a $4.25 bottle of Bud, Bud Light, Bud Light Lime or Miller Lite. Dine al fresco on a landscaped patio or get it all delivered (10:30am-11pm) if you live between 1 & 23 Streets.

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